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Exclusive Building Services


Luxury kitchenPonder Construction’s ‘Exclusive Building Services’  is a new service for luxury home building and improvement specifically designed for the most discerning clients.  The new service provides you with an opportunity to upgrade your building materials specification to achieve a superior building standard for longer lasting value and satisfaction.

The benefits such a service provides are numerous.  For example, a Lutron automated lighting control system will make a dramatic enhancement to your home and lifestyle, improving comfort and added convenience with the use of remote dimmers, and ultimately saving energy.  In addition, an upgraded glazing specification provides all year round comfort with extra warmth in winter and cooler temperatures in summer.   Quality bespoke heating systems provide silent hidden heat, maximising the comfort of your home.  Opting for acoustic boarding for walls and ceilings will minimise sound travel, creating rooms which are free from distraction and unwanted noise.  Higher specification materials can also give higher thermal values and significantly reduce heat loss, giving longer term cost efficiency within your building project.

Often builders try to reduce costs within a project by using standard products.  These materials will normally be the minimum requirement specified by Building Regulations or the architect.  This lowers the quality of the build and longer term, does not save you money on aesthetics or energy consumption costs.  The aim of our service is to provide you with an alternative option – to use the best quality materials, ensuring your property is built to the highest specification to suit your needs.  We will examine your existing material specification and provide a free report of alternative materials of superior quality, as well as highlighting the significant advantages of the products suggested.  It is ultimately your choice.

Luxury loft

To give you an example, take wall insulation.  Depending on the size of your house but as a rough guide, for a standard sized 4-bedroomed property, up to a third of the heat lost in your home escapes through the walls.  If your builder builds to the current regulations and uses a standard cavity insulation this will cut your heat loss down dramatically, and will save you around £110 a year in fuel bills.  At Ponder, we would offer you an alternative option, for example a thermal insulated lining to your internal or external walls.  When installed, this could save you around £360 a year on fuel bills, and save around 2 tonnes of CO² emissions a year.  By combining the cavity insulation and thermal lining, additional savings could be made and could help reduce CO2 emissions still further.  

These are some of the many material changes and money saving options we have available and we would be happy to discuss these with you.