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Health & Safety

At Ponder Construction, we are committed to operating a safe working environment, minimising risk and implementing practices to ensure this.

The Company recognises and accepts its responsibilities as an employer for the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees and the health and safety of any other person who may be affected by its activities so far as is reasonably practicable. The Directors of the company accepts that safety is a management responsibility at least equal to that of any other company function.

The Company further regards the promotion of Health and Safety as a mutual objective of management and employees at all levels. As such, the Company will arrange where necessary, for guidance and advise the Managers and Supervisors on all aspects of health, safety and welfare and to arrange for the training of employees as necessary.

The Company will ensure that all requirements of the 'Health and Safety at Work Act 1974' and all duties and obligations imposed the by act and other acts and regulations affecting the activities of the Company are complied with.

The company also accepts that it has the following responsibilities: -

  • To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, taking into account any statutory requirements.
  • To provide training and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently and to understand their own responsibilities under current related legislation.
  • To maintain a constant and continuing interest in Health and Safety matters applicable to the Company's activities.
  • To consult with employees on matters related to Health and Safety.
    To make available all necessary safety devices and protective equipment and to supervise their use.
  • To liaise with Customers' and Suppliers' safety services in order to ensure safe systems of work, safe workplaces and safe materials are provided.
  • To ensure that all aspects of the 'Control of Substances Hazardous to Health' Regulations are fully complied with.
  • To take full regard of all-environmental issues relevant to the Company's activities.

Employees have a duty to cooperate with Management to carry out their statutory duties with the object of producing and maintaining high standards of health and safety by:

  • Working safely and efficiently.
  • Using the protective equipment and safety devices provided.
  • Acting responsibly and doing everything they can to prevent injury or damage to plant.
  • Reporting incidents that have led or may lead to personal injury or damage to plant.

In all offices and other workplaces, managers and supervisors are to ensure that the safety procedures and regulations are observed and to promote awareness for the safety in all employees as an integral part of good management. The safety policy is the direct concern of all employees within the company and management is accountable to the Directors for its implementation.

Nigel Ponder MD Ponder Construction