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Timber Framed Building Services & Timber Construction

The builder of choice for authentic timber frame homes

Timber frame roof constructionWith considerable experience in building with wood, Ponder Construction is an excellent choice for timber framed building and wooden construction. From producing structures in Oak to exterior renovations in Cedar, we are able to work on both integral and purely aesthetic timber construction.

Benefits of Timber Frame

Speedy Construction
Timber frames can be erected and quickly made watertight in poor weather conditions that would halt the construction of a conventionally built structure.

Lightweight Construction
Timber frames are an ideal solution for first floor extensions as they provide a lightweight construction which significantly decreases the weight on the original foundations.

Thermally Efficient
Timber frames reduce the overall thickness of walls without losing any thermal efficiency.

Exterior timber renovations

Timber cladding is increasingly popular as well as an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of any building, new or old. Woods such as larch and western red cedar provide a resilient, protective layer against the elements as well as being excellent insulators.

With a natural resistance to decay, many traditional British timbers are also suitable for exterior use such as oak, elm, chestnut, western red cedar and larch. These species of wood are available in a range of profiles from the more rustic waney-edge and feather-edge to the clean lines of the machined shiplap and halflap.

Timber Clad Chalet